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Message from Andy Argenio, AMA District I VP

"We are in need of at least two AVPs or more to represent NH. If you have been an AMA member for 3 years and willing to address statewide political issues potentially onerous to flying R/C model aircraft, please get in touch with me. Any other members willing to help with contacting or writing NH legislators or tracking bills are also needed and welcome."       

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The NH Bill Introduced as No. 602-FN in April 2015 regarding the use of drones in New Hampshire. See below for an Amendment "2015-2493h" that was approved.

Source: New Hampshire General Court


Below is information on the Amendment "2015-2493h" to the original Bill (shown below) for "Chapter 644-A Drones"


Amendment to HB 602-FN

Rep. A. Christie, Rock. 37

October 19, 2015



Amend the bill by replacing all after the enacting clause with the following:

1    New Chapter; Drones. Amend RSA by inserting after chapter 644 the following new chapter:




Excerpt regarding 644-A:4 Airport Prohibition:

"644-A:4 Airport Prohibition. No government or person shall operate a drone within 5 miles of any airport in this state in a manner that does not comply with relevant federal law and Federal Aviation Administration regulations and guidelines in effect at the time."


Click here to read the complete Amendment 2015-2493h

House Bill






AN ACT relative to the use of drones.

SPONSORS: Rep. Kurk, Hills 2; Rep. Berch, Ches 1; Sen. Cataldo, Dist 6; Sen. Daniels, Dist 11

COMMITTEE: Executive Departments and Administration


This bill regulates the use of drones by government agencies and individuals. It establishes criminal penalties and civil remedies for violations of the law.


Click here to read the complete House Bill as it was originally introduced in April 2015